North Shore Airport Weather

  1. This weather station is situated at the North Shore Airport at 300 Postman Rd, Albany Auckland. It is operated by the North Shore Aero Club.
  2. Equipment consists of a Davis Vantage Pro 2 sensor pack and a Smartbedded UG Metobridge which receives and distributes data.
  3. All critical items are battery and UPS protected.
  4. Met data from the site is displayed on the Airport's web site and also passed to the following 3rd party networks:
    • Weather Underground,
    • US based CWOP/APRS (Citizen Weather Observation Programme),
    • UK MET service who in turn push it back to the NZ Met Service "Your Weather",
    • WindGuru/WindFinder network, and
    • Davis WeatherLink network.
    Data is updated to these networks as frequently as they will accept it and is immediately available.
  5. All 3rd party networks provide browser access, and most also provide very convenient mobile phone applications, to view both current and historical data from individual stations. There seems little point in us re-implementing these applications.
  6. The following mobile phone & tablet applications may be of interest:
    • From Weather Underground: WUNDERSTATION, our station id is IAUCKLAN658, also STORM, same id.
    • From Davis: WEATHERLINK, search for station NZNE.
    • From WINDY, our station id is FW1494.
    • [please email any further suggestions]
  7. The station website has been designed to work equally well on PC's, tablets,and mobile devices. That said, it does require a modern HTML5 compatible browser and may not work correctly on older devices.
  8. It is recommended that the direct access URL "" is saved as a favourite to your mobile phone's home page
  9. The web site main page will automatically refesh each minute with the latest data.
  10. We are looking into the implementation of an AWIB and a mobile phone text response/update service.
  11. Please email comments and suggestions concerning the station to